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[09 May 2005|08:59pm]

Name -Demi Pearson
Age -15
Location -Cape Coral, Florida
Male/Female -Female

Top 10 Favorite Bands -From First to Last, Motion City Soundtrack,Something Corporate, Daphne Loves Derby, Matchbox Romance, The Early Nvoember, Mae,Plain White Tee's, and Brand New.
Top 5 Fave Films - The Notebook, Thirteen, House on Haunted Hill, Chicago, and Phantom of the Opera
Top 5 TV Programs -The Real World, I want a famous face... i dont really watch MTV a lot
Best Band You've Ever Seen? - The only band i have ever seen is Hawthorne Heights so i guess them.
Favorite Lyric -  Hopeless Love by Daphnelovesderby

200 miles away from home
200 miles beneath this lake is where my heart belongs
But you don't care at all
You wouldn't even smile if I were screaming as the water filled my lungs, oh my lungs
You demand to be chased for your love
My desperate heart is far too weak to run for you this long
But you don't care at all
There's nothing I can do to draw you close to me
Can you take this silence like a pill so I can breathe again
I've been trying to ignore the best parts of you
But I'm still hoping that I'll be with you somehow, somehow
Please be home tonight
I'll die if I don't get a chance to make this just right
I'm sorry but I can't forget about the way I feel
Every time you're here.

Describe Your Self In 10 Words - tall, emotional, loud, sensative, outgoing, lonely, romantic, used, dumb, mistakefull?
Photo (max 2 if you don't have one...ahh well.)

me on the left and my friend chantal on the right

my friend marie, me, and my friend robbie

Lostprophets Contest @ Soundnova.com Ending [12 Oct 2004|02:18pm]
The Lostprophets contest brought to you by Soundnova.com and Columbia Records is ending soon.

If you haven't entered yet, visit us @ Soundnova.com

A Coheed & Cambria contest is also wrapping up, as well as a new set of Atreyu photos.

[20 Sep 2004|05:10pm]


I've done myself an apllication thingy to start this off. My profile thingyCollapse )

Love Emo

=] [20 Sep 2004|05:08pm]

Dude...Just testing if this joural works ok. Yep? It does? Great! Let the actualy posting commence! If it doesn't work godamnit..i gotta start laying this out again.
Love Emo

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